samedi 21 mars 2015

Drink and Draw : Debate on Batgirl

Si le débat vous intéresse, voici la fameuse cover :

Un lien (en anglais) discutant du sujet de censure à propos de cette couverture :

Mon propos sur la conversation :

Gzaltan Gonéra When I see this cover variant, and after I read all the comment and articles I could about the subject, I just wanna give my view on the question. Of course, this cover is incredibly dark and remember a very bad experience on the character of Batgirl. I just wanna say, do we need to protect the new target of Batgirl comics ? I think people doesn't approve what happens in "The Killing Joke", but it's the drama about this story. I read on one article that this moment is when a female girl is subject to violence to help man people to grow up. But when we read "A death in family", it's the same thing : a young boy is killed by Joker and Batman is deeply touched about this experience. If the Joker is a villain, and a good villain, it's because people hate him. He is a bad guy, a really one. Because he did some thing like shot on Barbara Gordon and killed Jason (second Robin), we fell like that character is an incarnation of the evil bad guy. Every time he comes, we think : Who he will hurt ? And I think it's what's make a good villain in comics. Of course, I'm never okay with rape, shoot, and killing. Fiction and Reality are two things very different. The second thing is that what's become Barbara Gordon after being shot. I think she become a real modele for all rape people. After being in a Wheelchair, she becomes an important character for all super-heros (may be more she was when she was Batgirl). In this way, I think the characte become a model for all reader of the character. This cover is very Dark, and I could understand why it's hurt. But when we read comics, it's not what we looking for too : excitment, adrenaline ? I thin it's just a remember about a big moment when reader discover why the Joker is a very bad guy, and a big moment in the life of Batgirl, when she becomes a new girl, a girl who needs to reconstruct herself.